Susan Faye Davis
Hay House, Inc.

Developing Greater Self Love is the One Fundamental
Principle necessary to achieve a Life of Happiness
and Abundance.

So How is your Life Working for You Right Now?
Are you receiving a message from your Spirit that it is
time for a change? 

Contact me today for a free consultation about how I can guide you
toward the positive changes you desire to make in your life
The change you make today, creates your tomorrow!

Susan Faye Davis, Your Guide for Positive Change
October Events

Book Release - Available now!
"I Just Want To Be Loved!" 
The Journey from Your Head Back to Your Heart

by Susan Faye Davis,
Available on
Softcover or E Book

Custom Brazilian Crystal Pendulums
Custom Self Hypnosis CDs

Healthy Weight Management Self Hypnosis CD

Chakra Balancing Self Hypnosis CD
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