Susan Faye
Gifts for your Spirit
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Welcome to Susan Faye Davis!
Gifts for your Mind, Body and Spirit!

  • Meditation CDs 
to support you in health by developing greater relaxation techniques and connection with your higher self for guidance.
  • Self Hypnosis CDs 
to learn how to change behaviors that no longer serve your higher good.
  • Brazilian Crystal Pendulums 
custom designed with message charms , semiprecious and decorative beads.
  • "I Just Want To Be Loved! The Journey from Your Head Back to Your Heart.",  
Susan's Book is a guide to developing greater Self Love the secret to true happiness and purpose
  • "Changes from the Inside Out Weight Management Program", 
before lasting successful weight management will occur on the outside we must change our thoughts on the inside.
  • Hypnotherapy Sessions,
Individual Sessions for specific behavior changes.

Contact me for current available inventory
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